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Dr. Kelly Miller, NMD from Saving Your Brain

Where: Virtual Summit on Zoom

When: Friday, February 10th 2023 at 1 PM ET

What you learn:

How Lasers are being applied and stacked with therapeutic systems to produce optimal results for patients. Dr. Miller will also discuss about lingering primitive reflexes (a common denominator in ADHD, AS, Dyslexia, Anxiety cases, etc).

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The LZ30 laser has the highest power in its class—1,000mW of visible red and 1,400mW of infrared wavelengths. 

Class 3B lasers improves therapeutic outcomes.

"The Most Versatile Laser I've Ever Seen"

Kelly Miller, NMD (Saving Your Brain Founder and Author)

 I was a field investigator in 1996 for the first FDA cleared cold laser, The Microlight 830. It was cleared to treat carpal tunnel syndrome after 2 double blind studies. I have used lasers continuously since 1996. We even have a 14watt laser in the clinic. However, the Avant LZ30- Z, is the most versatile laser I have ever seen. 

How Lasers Can Work with Other Therapeutic Systems for the Brain

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