Balance Your Health,  Balance Your Life Summit

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Life, in many ways, is a balancing act – walking a tightrope and constantly juggling between work, home, money, health, and relationships. In a bid to accomplish our goals and to succeed on all fronts, we often fail to understand the importance of having balance in our lives.

Maintaining a well-balanced life isn’t just crucial for your health, happiness, and well-being but also essential for boosting productivity, managing stress, and unleashing your true potential.

So, how can you achieve balance?


Meet Your Host 

Kelly Miller, NMD is the author of Saving Your Brain and 7 other health books. He is the founder of several Saving Your Brain centers in Florida, and Missouri with over 43+ experience as a Brain Health Coach, Naturopath, and Speaker.

"I believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. My educational background in Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Functional Diagnostic Medicine, Aging and Regenerative Medicine, and Functional Neurology allow for a multi-faceted analysis and insight into the brain’s anatomy, physiology, and bio-chemistry to help you regain your lost health, develop a strategy for functional longevity, and improve or synchronize impaired brain functions."


Guest Speakers


Dr. Robert Melillo, DC, PhD




As a clinician for 30 years, a university professor, brain researcher, best selling author, radio and TV host, his cutting-edge research and success with over a thousand children in his private program. One of the most respected specialists in childhood neurological disorders in America for over 30 years.

Dr. Patrick Porter, PhD

Breakthrough Brain

Fitness Techniques to 

Accelerate Your 

Longevity Journey

Dr. Patrick K. Porter, PhD, is an award-winning author/speaker and the founder of BrainTap®, the leader in technology-enhanced meditation. With 20 years of experience operating the largest self-help franchise in the world, he has become a highly sought-after expert within the personal improvement industry, having sold over 3 million of his self-help products worldwide.


Balancing Biohormones

for Health, Beauty 

and Longevity

Dr. Paul Ling Tai, is a well-known authority on Anti-Aging, Clinical Nutrition & Metabolic Diseases. A Professor of Aging & Regenerative Medicine & Professor of Clinical Nutrition; Chairman & President of the Brasil-American Regenerative Medical Society (BARM).

Dr. Scott Donkin, DC, DACBOH

Model of Health for

Companies and Individuals:

A Comparison of Similarities

Scott Donkin, DC, DACBOH, is an internationally published author, chiropractor, lecturer, and consultant who has been in private practice in Lincoln, Nebraska, for over twenty-five years. Dr. Donkin is considered an expert on the use of the physical environment to promote balance, physical performance, safety, and longevity. He owns and operates a successful Donkin Chiropractic and Progressive Rehab clinic.

Dr. Richard Soutar, PhD, BCN



A pioneer in the field of neurofeedback, Dr. Soutar has published three books on the topic of neurofeedback and conducted workshops on  the various aspects of neurofeedback at conferences and clinics in the U.S and  Europe. As a former professor of psychology and sociology, he has had extensive experience in teaching and training at both the undergraduate and the graduate level.  He has also been working continuously over the years as a clinician, director and business administrator of various clinics around the country as well

Dr. Monika Buerger, BA, DC

Hard Stop to 


Monika has extensive post graduate training in the areas of neurodevelopment, functional neurology, neuronutrition and functional medicine.  She currently has a private family practice in Ammon, Idaho that is dedicated to serving those with neurodevelopmental challenges, neurodegenerative disorders and chronic health issues.  

Dr. Michael Tomlinson, DC

Energy Healing

Dr. Tomlinson is fellowship trained and also a diplomate in acupuncture with the Acupuncture Society of America.  We practice individualized patient centered care and realize that each injury is unique – there is no one size fits all “cookie cutter approach”. He believes in a multi-disciplinary approach to care and work with your medical doctor.

Dr. Katinka Van Der Merwe, DC

How Your Autonomic 

Brain Can Heal and 

Protect You

Dr. Van Der Merwe has lectured extensively around the world. She was recently invited to address an assembly of three thousand attendees, consisting of faculty and staff, at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2011, she received the Award of Innovation for her ongoing work with RSD/CRPS patients in Los Angeles. Also in 2011, Dr. Katinka was honored with the prestigious “Rising Star Award” for being an outstanding speaker in her profession in Tampa, Florida.

Dr. Steven Zodkoy, D.C., C.N.S., D.A.C.B.N.

Burnout to Outstanding

Dr. Steven Zodkoy is a Burnout expert who utilized clinical nutrition , chiropractic , neuro emotional technique and lifestyles changes to improve the physical and mental health of his patients. Dr. Steven Zodkoy is a board certified chiropractor, nutritionist and Kinesiologists who, for over 30 years, has specialized in assisting patients that have not found relief through a standard course of treatment.

Gjalt Vlam

Read, regulate, 

stimulate - Breath 

and Health

A healthy breathing supports a healthy, energetic and inspired life. As a breathcoach, Gjalt  guides his clients towards a more beneficial and more healthy way of breathing. Which type of breathing helps you in different situations? Or as you can say, learning to unlock your full potentional (mental and physical) with breathing.
Breathing techniques and a better overall breathing makes us more energized, relaxed, focused and healthy. That's why it's a vital skill to master. 

Dr. Bob Hoffman, DC

Neurological Epidemic

Dr. Bob Hoffman is the President of The Masters Circle Global, Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Business Expert and Success Coach. The Masters Circle Global offers comprehensive chiropractic practice management with a personalized “hands-on” approach, but also applies a high-tech educational model, high tech, high touch.

David Christensen

Neurocare for 

Advanced Healing

David Christensen is the CEO of Neurocare Pro - Pulsed Light Medical Technology. Neurocare Pro clients include diverse medical practices including chiropractors, spas, acupuncturists, LMT, and health care professionals of all kinds throughout the United States and Canada.

Charn Pennewaert, Shidoin

The Mind & Body Connection Through Aikido

Charn Pennewaert, Shidoin is a fourth degree black belt in the Aikido - the art of harmonizing energy. Charn is a certified aikido instructor at Newport Beach Aikido in California for over 22 years and teaches this non-competitive Japanese martial arts to both children and adults. Charn will be sharing the concepts of relaxation, calmness, centering, balance, and blending through aikido. The mind must be empty, clear, and relaxed so the body can move freely to be in control and full present. 

Luke Sky Krcil, MS

It's not in your head

but in your home! 

Eliminating Hidden Dangers of 

Biotoxins from Mold.

Luke Krcil is the Science Advisor at Sun Healthy Home™. 

Sun Healthy Home™ offers simple, powerful and practical technology for superior air and water. Imagine installing appliances that clean your air and water without ongoing maintenance, worry or hassle to you. Luke shares his knowledge about how the toxins in the environment can affect your health and wellness.