The Future of Health Care is Small but Mighty with AVANT Lasers

Simply the most advanced, effective and affordable class 3B therapy laser. 

Treat conditions as:

  • Chronic¬†pain and inflammation
  • Acute or chronic poorly healing open wounds
  • Post-surgical and soft tissue trauma
  • Muscle, ligament and tendon injuries
  • Back pain
  • Arthritis / hip dysplasia
  • Degenerative disc disease
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How has the AVANT Lasers helped your practice? 

Hear from Dr. Amy Knight St. Clair, DC, LMP from FloatWell Whole Body Wellness Spa on her experience with patients using the AVANT Lasers

Buy the Laser and receive the training you need to help patients get faster results in just a few sessions.


"The LZ30 weights just 5 oz and is the lightest, smallest and easiest to use class 3B Laser, cordless and compact." - Kelly Miller, NMD

I've designed the program to help professionals help their clients get the results they have been waiting for.

The Saving Your Brain AVANT Laser program trains professionals on how to apply and stack therapeutic systems to produce optimal results.

Purchase an AVANT Laser and receive videos on how to examine patients and determine treatment protocols. 

Kelly Miller, NMD is the founder of Saving Your Brain training centers, a brain health Coach, Speaker, Author of Saving Your Brain book and 6 other health related books, 43+ years experience and also certified in the Melillo Method.

*Get Up to 18-Months Interest Free

with Purchase of an AVANT Laser, for those who qualify

or Lease for as low as $158/monthly with approved credit 

  • Training Your Staff Videos
  • Assessment Patient Training Videos

  • Laser Manual with 300 Protocols

  • Bonus 54 Proprietary Saving Your Brain Settings

  • Stacking Sensory Inputs with the Lasers

  • Brain Based Webinars and Interviews with Industry Leaders

  • Understanding the Importance of Primitive Reflexes with exclusive training videos
Warranty:¬†¬†3-year warranty, the longest, unconditional warranty in the industry. with a yearly service and necessary upgrades‚Äďat no cost to you.

*View Lease options and available with approved credit. Contact with any questions.

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